United Nations Development Programme launched the project “Development of innovative businesses for sustainable growth at local level”, to be implemented during 2015 – 2017. The key objective of this project is to contribute to the implementation of the National Strategy “Innovations Competitiveness “. According to the Strategy, innovations are products, process technology, marketing tools and business processes, new or significantly improved, used by companies to increase sales. Innovations may be new to a particular company or a particular market, but may not necessarily be in November on a global scale.
   The project aims to boost innovative processes in Moldovan companies by providing access to specialist knowledge for promoting innovation, fostering cooperation between companies and local authorities and by providing grants for innovative ideas generation and absorption by the companies benefiting from the project. To adapt the project to the needs of companies and to plan its resources optimally, UNDP has initiated a survey among Moldovan companies that own innovative potential.
   Hereby, Please give us 45 minutes of your time to take part in this survey and answer the questions below. Please be assured that your responses will remain anonymous and the information provided will be used only for the purposes of the Project. There are 67 questions in this survey.